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Our core services are designed to ensure the perfect solution is used everytime, all the time.

Strategy & Planning

Beyond Network Solutions consults with clients to understand their technology requirements, you cannot have a strategy without communication and this is where it all begins.

We’re experts in our field and we’re passionate about the task at hand. We take pride in the services we offer in order to deliver the best experience with the technology solution we provide. 

  • Do it once – do it right
  • Custom tailored to your needs
  • Deep dive analysis into your business
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System Design

Designing a system is about striving to create a user friendly experience. If existing systems are not user friendly or easily understood, then the system isn’t doing what it should be. We spend time taking into account your specific needs and requirements before beginning the physical installation. The design process is about understanding the core purpose of why a solution is being sought after.

As part of our design process, we provide detailed drawings:

  • Detailed cable drawings
  • Rack Layouts
  • System Assessment
  • Item placements (on existing building plans)

All our work is completed by our professional team. We do not outsource any labour to ensure quality control.

We use our knowledge and experience to create a tailored solution that best suits your requirements.  

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Seamless Integration

Project Management

Our project managers ensure that projects are completed both on time and on budget. Our team is experienced in liaising with other trades such as, builders to work closely to complete the project to the highest standard.


When ready for installation, our qualified technicians will cable and install equipment on site. Our technicians are briefed by the project manager before each task to ensure that your needs are always being met.


We believe that is best to have all programming done before core equipment arrives on site to make sure that it is all working. This approach will also help to avoid any interruptions that may occur onsite.

Effective Adoption

We offer onsite training for the products we have installed. This provides a great opportunity to teach all staff members how to use installed systems and make sure that they understand how to get the most out of the technology that is available to them.

We provide a training service that is user friendly and delivered in a manner that is understandable. 

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We only use reliable and high quality products.

100% Australian

All of our support services are 100% Australian.

Full Service

We’re a solutions based business, focusing on understanding your requirements and then implementing an effective solution.

We're Passionate

We’re enthusiastic about finding the best solution for you.