Swaye Civil is connected and secure!

Swaye Civil is a local business to the Cobbitty region of rural NSW. Their property connects to the Internet via NBN Fixed Wireless for their home. Their business is 300m away from their house with the NBN connection. We installed a point to point (PtP) network between the two buildings and for the first time their business has Internet connectivity!

We also installed five high definition CCTV cameras to monitor their business property, this records to an eight channel network video recorder (NVR) and can be accessed from their phones and iPad devices whilst at the business or on job sites.

The PtP link is managed by our cloud service to monitor the radios and assure they are performing at their best, the link allows for a 300mbps throughput over the 300m distance. We tested their NBN speed directly from the source and it was giving us a 13mpbs download speed and 4.5mbps upload speed, we walked over and tested the speed via the wireless PtP link and we received the exact same speed.

Overall, we had a fun time executing this solution, our client is very happy and so are we! Especially when our phones became connected to the outside world when we arrived and realised there was zero phone reception.

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