Foxtel’s 48hr Binge

Foxtel’s 48 Hour Binge

We were contracted by Madzin Productions to solve the issue of lack there of internet, this is a common issue we’re solving for events and event spaces. Liam from Madzin approached us with a requirement for four 4K Foxtel Set-top boxes to be able to download seasons of various TV shows in ultra HD as well as WiFi for guests to connect to and iPads.

As the building the event was hosted in didn’t have an existing internet connection and the topography didn’t allow us for a point to point internet connection, we had to rely on a 4G connection. We load balanced three different connections from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

The hardware we used:

1x Cradlepoint IBR-1700 4G Modem
1x Mac mini running ESXi for Remote Desktop and management software
3x Ubiquiti UniFi Mesh Access Points
1x Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6
1x Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24-Port
2x Unmanaged Switches

All up we used approximately 640gb of 4G data over the 48 hours of the event running, we were able to remotely monitor the event, watching traffic spike in certain periods and making sure that there was a constant Internet connection.

Find out more about this event here

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