Secret Phone Launch

Secret Phone Launch

We were hired once again by Innovative Production Service to execute guest WiFi for a unique phone launch. Unfortunately we are unable to disclose pictures from the event who the manufacturer of the phone is.

We were appointed within the week of the event to provide a temporary Internet connection for the 3 day event. There was no existing internet connection available and we didn’t particularly want to rely on 4G as the main source. We were able to organise a dedicated point to point internet connection from Bondi to the Paddington venue wirelessly. The link was approximately 1.4 kilometres long with perfect line of site to the Wireless Internet Service Providers tower.

The guest WiFi was mainly used for transferring files from the cloud and setting up the new phone on the spot for early adopter users to begin using ahead of the public release. Out of the 150 megabits per second Internet connection arranged for the event, we peaked at 140.

As this was an Internet crucial event, we also set up a 4G back up solution with our Cradlepoint hardware.

Overall the event was awesome to be apart of, we wish we could share event photos as the transformation of the space from barebones to a bright and colourful space was amazing. We cant wait to be apart of the next one!

Hardware Used:

1x Cradlepoint IBR-1700 4G Modem
2x Ubiquiti AirFiber-24
1x Mac Mini running ESXi for Remote Desktop and management software
4x Ubiquiti UniFi Mesh Access Points
1x Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6
1x Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24-Port
1x Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8-Port
1x Unmanaged Switch

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